Frequently Asked Questions

Our hourly rate is $150/hr for one certified RV tech. Proteng Fire Suppression and Micro-Air product installs will be priced per job not by the hour. Contact us directly for these quotes.

No, we are a mobile RV service only.

We can perform the standard maintenance (change oil and air filters) but beyond that the generator will need to be taken to a service center.



Yes. Please contact us with an Inspection request. We charge $550 for this service.

Yes. Please contact us for a service request.



Yes. Please contact us for a RV Orientation. We charge $450 for this service.

A cost-effective, environmentally friendly, automatic fire suppression device, that extinguishes fire from its inception. It’s a small, simple plastic tube containing extinguishing agent FM-200®. Devices come in various sizes to protect enclosed areas big and small.

Rest assured a Proteng Fire Suppression System will be designed and priced for your RV specifically. Please fill out our contact form for more information.


Please include your make and model of vehicles. Plus any other questions you may have. Thank you.